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Language A Level Notes (x10)


These student-notes accompanied our Year 13 A Level Religious Studies event in 2019.  The 32 page A4 booklets are printed in full colour on magazine-style paper and come in packs of 10.  The notes are packed with information, including useful quotations, as well as learning activities.  They cover topics common to all English examination boards’ A Level specifications, including:

Piercing the Veil

  • This section of the notes begins by considering the nature of God, showing how if God is eternal in the sense of being timeless, spaceless and wholly simple, as Aquinas’ ways to God suggest that God must be, the meaningfulness of Religious language comes into question. Both Cataphatic and Apophatic theology (via negativa) will be explored and finally, Aquinas’ doctrine of analogy evaluated.

What does meaning mean?

  • Moving forward to the 20th Century, the second section of the notes explains the Verification Principle in its strong and weak forms, as well as the Falsification Principle and then the alternatives in the work of Ludwig Wittgenstein, finding meaning in the use of language rather than in what words refer to.  Finally, Tillich’s work on symbol will be considered and evaluated.

Meta-Ethics: What does “good mean?”

  • The third section of the notes turns to the relationship between language and ethics, exploring different approaches to defining “good” – Naturalism, Intuitionism and Emotivism – and how they relate to both normative ethical systems and ethical decision-making.

DEBATE: “This house believes the claim “sex before marriage is wrong” is meaningless!

  • The final section of the notes introduces the topic of Sexual Ethics, outlining Church teachings on sex before marriage and how the Natural Law and Kantian traditions on one hand and the Utilitarian and Situationist approaches on the other approach decision-making… before briefly considering the possibility of relying on conscience.

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