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Beyond the Cave: A philosopher’s quest for Truth (2020) (x10)


Class set of 10 copies

Truth is increasingly marginalized. Powerful news interests, social media and political orators all seem to point to the idea that the days of absolute Truth are past. Religions have always claimed to stand for a transcendent dimension to reality and to the idea of an absolute claim to Truth but, in the West, religion has been and is declining in influence. Fundamentalism is on the rise and this, combined with relativism, contributes to the current malaise.

Peter Vardy has a passionate commitment to helping people think about key issues deeply, yet writes in a lucid and clear style. In Beyond the Cave he explains why claims to absolute Truth have become severely eroded but he also charts a way forward.


“IN RECENT years, Peter Vardy’s books have become a byword for clarity, topicality, and learning lightly worn. His latest is no exception… The chapter on the rise of atheism, culminating in the New Atheism of Richard Dawkins and co., provides a masterclass in lucid explanation and interpretation.” Rt Revd Dr John Saxbee, former Bishop of Lincoln. The Church Times 15th January 2021 

I absolutely loved this book. Peter Vardy surveys 2500 years of philosophical thought, and brings the wisdom of the centuries to bear on our shallow post-truth society. Vardy argues cogently for values that are thoughtlessly swept aside in a relativistic culture. His book should be compulsory reading for all who teach Religious Studies and Philosophy, their pupils and society, who will ultimately benefit from Vardy’s insights. –Sarah MacDonald, Head of Religion and Philosophy, Haileybury College

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