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Creation GCSE Notes (x10)


These student-notes accompanied our GCSE Religious Studies event in 2019-20.  The 32 page A4 booklets are printed in full colour on magazine-style paper and come in packs of 10.  The notes are packed with information, including useful quotations, as well as learning activities.  They cover topics common to all English examination boards’ GCSE specifications, including:

1. Creation – what is the evidence for God as creator? What qualities would a creator have to have – and are these compatible with religious ideas about God? How do religious beliefs relate to Science? Should religious believers take Scripture literally?
2. In the image of God – what do religious people believe about the sanctity of human life? How do these beliefs translate into actions? How do believers deal with the tension between preserving human life and upholding its dignity?
3. Stewardship – how should human beings relate to animals, plants and the environment? What do religions teach about stewardship – and have they gone far enough in tackling the present environmental crisis?
4. Making babies – how should human beings make babies? Is marriage really the only appropriate context for sex in the 21st Century? Is the primary purpose of marriage to have children? Should religions change to accommodate contemporary western values?

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