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Faith A Level Notes (x10)


These student-notes accompanied our Year 13 A Level Religious Studies event in 2018.  The 32 page A4 booklets are printed in full colour on magazine-style paper and come in packs of 10.  The notes are packed with information, including useful quotations, as well as learning activities.  They cover topics common to all English examination boards’ A Level specifications, including:

  1. The Ontological Argument – Can any version of the argument really prove God’s existence? What does saying that God exists necessarily suggest about God’s nature?  This section of the notes explains this tricky topic in detail, including a wide range of scholars and useful quotations.
  2. The Nature of God – Can God act in the world without being limited by such action?  Can God really be be Omniscient… or would that make him responsible for moral evil & human suffering? This section of the notes opens up the attributes of God and the host of problems they cause for philosophers of religion.
  3. Religious Language – can we mean what we say about God… or should we see religious claims as analogical, symbolic or even meaningless?  This section of the notes makes sense of this enormous and challenging Year 13 topic.
  4. Conscience – Is conscience the best guide to decision-making in matters of sexual ethics?  The final section of the notes gives a clear exposition of the Conscience topic, focusing particularly on Aquinas and Freud, and then considers how it relates to applied ethics and particularly sexual ethics.

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