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The SPCK Introduction to Kierkegaard (2008) (x5)


Class set of 5 copies

This is a book about a remarkable man – yet in an important sense it is not about this man at all. Soren Kierkegaard died in Copenhagen, Denmark, at the age of forty-two in 1855. His writings had little influence in his lifetime and after his death, even with the translation of some of his works into German, he was barely known. Yet today, he is internationally accepted as one of the world’s greatest thinkers and is often considered the father of existentialism.

Here, Peter Vardy makes Kierkegaard’s often complex and difficult thinking accessible to a wide audience. He sketches a few of the central themes of Kierkegaard’s thought and gives the reader a feeling for the way he approaches problems and some sense of the breadth of his work. This revised and expanded edition is an ideal introduction to Kierkegaard for both students and the general reader.


“This is a fascinating introduction to Kierkegaard’s prophetic insights into the nature of Christian faith, insights which we desperately need to ponder today.’ – Gerard Hughes, author of God of Surprises and God in All Things

‘Peter Vardy is a gifted communicator. He is the best popularizer of the philosophy of religion currently working in Britain.’ -Theology

‘Kierkegaard’s writings have fascinated and challenged many of the twentieth century’s greatest thinkers. In this most readable book, Peter Vardy skilfully unfolds why this is so . . . while at the same time relating Kierkegaard’s profound religious insights to many pressing issues with which people of the twenty-first century need to engage.’ -James Kidner, Director, The Coexist Foundation

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