What is Truth?

    Sixth Form Religious Education Day
    With Dr Peter Vardy


    Bespoke Event 2021-22


    “What is Truth” is a face-to-face bespoke event designed to support general Religious Education in the Sixth Form. Combining pacy, engaging lectures with activities, discussions and debates, “What is Truth?” will explore the most important question for our time and the implications of different answers to it for different academic disciplines… and for life!


    Schools will be provided with a .pdf resource booklet to duplicate and distribute to each student at the beginning of the event, so that students can fill it in as they go and have a useful record of what they have done for their files and a basis for follow-up discussions and activities.


    Sessions include:

    1. What is Truth?

    This introductory lecture, which uses plenty of engaging film-clips and images, charts how ideas of truth have changed and developed through history from the Bible to the scientific enlightenment, to the development of fundamentalist ideologies and world war to the rise of postmodernism, Donald Trump’s post-truth presidency, gender theory and critical race theory. This session will leave students with some very big questions to discuss amongst themselves over coffee!

    1. Language Games

    The second session explores the role that language plays in relation to truth. Is what we say true or false depending on what the words refer to… or is truth more a matter of whether what we say is acceptable to others? Do words have a true meaning, or is everything open to multiple interpretations? Can what somebody says be both true and false at the same time? This session will conclude with a group discussion.

    1. Truth and Ethics: Are right and wrong just a matter of opinion?

    The third session considers the implications of challenges to the idea of truth for ethics. The scientific enlightenment and resultant process of secularisation made it difficult to rely on revealed moral laws outside of a faith-community, so without God are there any moral absolutes, or is right and wrong relative to one’s culture or even one’s personal preferences? This session will conclude with a lively debate.

    1. Critical Thinking: Spotting fake news and bad arguments!

    The final session introduces students to some basic tools to support critical thinking, showing them how to evaluate evidence of different types and how to spot a fallacious argument. Plenty of contemporary examples will be used and the session will conclude with an activity before a final Q&A session.


    Arranging a Bespoke Event with Candle Conferences couldn’t be simpler – just send us an e-mail on bespoke@candleconferences.com and our administrator will get back to you to discuss possible dates and then answer any questions you may have.


    To Book

    “What is Truth” costs £899 for unlimited numbers of sixth-form students within one school or college.

    Alternatively and subject to your own risk-assessments and policies, we can run the event for a group of schools for £1299.


    With Candle, there are NO hidden extras for VAT or travel (within the mainland UK).


    With Candle you get:

    ○ Up-to-date scholarly content made engaging and tailored to the real needs of sixth-form students.

    ○ Sessions and resources designed by practicing teachers with a record of engaging students of all abilities.


    e-mail: bespoke@candleconferences.com


    Tel: 0208 133 2241

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