WJEC RS event in Cardiff

Llandaff Cathedral School hosted a great event for students of WJEC AS and A2 papers in the Philosophy of Religion and Ethics on Monday March 17th.  Mr Kevin Scot organised the day, which ran seamlessly and was much appreciated by the eight local schools involved.

Students gathered for a 10am start and enjoyed sessions on the Design and Cosmological Arguments before break.  After break the session on the Problem of Evil included a debate in which a good range of students contributed their thoughts on whether Free Will offers an adequate defense of God against charges of creating of allowing evil and the suffering it causes.  The afternoon was devoted to Ethics, with sessions on Sexual Ethics, Natural Law and Situation Ethics as well as a detailed look at Utilitarianism. 

We hope to run events for both WJEC A Level and WJEC GCSE in or near Cardiff during the next academic year.  e-mail us if you would like to take part!

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