Thought Provoking Conference in Truro

Thought-provoking issues at conference…

 By Antonia Stonock
Staff and students from The Roseland Community College who attended the Ethics Conference.

A group of students from The Roseland Community College had the privilege of attending an Ethics Conference at Truro School.  The guest speaker at the event was Dr Peter Vardy, a well-known theologian, academic and author.

 ​The students were given two lectures, both on ethics itself and its various concepts and arguments, all of which were related back to modern-day life, popular media and situations that are becoming increasingly relevant to young people, especially as the world progresses.

Many thought-provoking questions were asked and overall, the students thoroughly enjoyed the day. One of the students, Amelia Cockings, said:

I found it really interesting, as Dr Vardy was a really great speaker and made me very interested in further continuing with philosophy and ethics at A levelSome controversial issues were discussed but they were always well-reasoned and everybody at the conference was incredibly mature. I really enjoyed it and would love to have the opportunity again.”


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