Student report on God Matters

vardyOn the 18th November my A2 Religious Studies class jumped on a train up to London to listen to the wonderful Peter Vardy talk about various philosophical issues, all under the umbrella question ‘Does God Matter?’ Although some members of our class had reservations about travelling independently we all made it to Charing Cross station without any major drama!

We got to the venue early and managed to get ourselves front row seats, needless to say we were all very excited to see one of the philosophers whose books we regularly refer to during our A Level course. He kicked off the session by speaking about the ‘Relationship between Reason and Faith’. His lively and energetic style of presenting engaged us in the very interesting topic and left us all deep in thought for the break that followed. The next topic was led by Charlotte Vardy, who talked in depth about ‘God and the New Physics’ which, although rather challenging, we found many ideas that we could relate to, having covered some areas in our AS course. A key aspect of the day was a conference debate, involving students. I was brave enough to take on the daunting task of speaking on the microphone to put forward our views about how far we should accept ideas without sufficient evidence. It was interesting to see how different students linked in their studies to this particularly thought provoking topic. The day ended with ‘The Problem of Evil’. This was really useful as we are currently studying this topic in preparation for our exams in June.

After the day had ended we took the opportunity to speak to Peter Vardy personally and he even signed our (free) copies of ‘God Matters’, his latest book. In my copy he wrote “don’t forget who you really are” but everybody in the class got a personal message (which we took great delight in comparing on the train home!) The best thing about the day was how useful it was for our current studies: he covered many areas that we look at over the A Level course, and listening to his enthusiastic presentation of his ideas on the topics have solidified the principles in my mind. I will definitely look at the notes I made on that day when it comes to revising for my exams!

Liz Philcox, 13E, Dartford Grammar School for Girls

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