Student Report on Ethics Matters, Cambridge

KingsCollegeChapelWestOn Friday 7th February a group of 21 students from both Sir Robert Pattinson Academy and North Kesteven School attended a 6th form Ethics conference in Cambridge. The conference was led by renowned philosophers and authors, Peter and Charlotte Vardy, who lectured on subjects ranging from Meta Ethics to the concept of what makes a ‘Just War’.

The day allowed for lots of opportunities to discuss some big ethical questions and to debate an important issue with peers from other schools. The debate itself was about the use of drones in warfare as part of a ‘Just War’. It was great that so many of our students ventured up to the front to argue their views on the topic against other schools from all over the country.

As a Student attending, I found that Peter and Charlotte Vardy were able to communicate complex philosophical and theological issues with clarity, ease and with humour! The presentations were engaging and inspiring, keeping everyone involved and interested. It gave a new approach to learning and it was an amazing experience, I would love to attend again next year. We all gained a great deal from the day and we had a realistic glimpse of what a university lecture might be like for us in the future. Overall, it was a hugely enriching and informative series of lectures relevant not only for students preparing for exams but anyone interested in the area of ethics.

Rhona Stuart, 6th former, Sir Robert Pattinson Academy 

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