*NEW* Student Events for 2016-17 Announced

CharlotteCharlotte Vardy writes…

Despite the tsunami of change that is engulfing Religious Studies and Philosophy departments across the country this year, Candle’s events for students and teachers of GCSE and A Level were a great success.  Many thanks to the hundreds of schools and teachers which have continued to support our efforts to enhance the learning experience in Religious Studies and Philosophy. “Being and Nothingness” with Peter Vardy and Stephen Law and “All you need is Love?” with Peter Vardy and David Webster visited packed venues from York to Exeter and engaged wider audiences on twitter as well.  GCSE events were also well attended; a recent host wrote

“our sincere thanks to Peter for the wonderful conference with Year 11s last Thursday. It was a massive success and the girls were enthralled and greatly inspired by him. He’s made our recruitment for A level RS a whole lot easier!”

To help you with forward planning for next year (which promises to be busier yet) here are some details of future events…

  • October 2016
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GCSE events are a great way to market the department & engage on social media…

Explore GCSE RS with Dr Peter Vardy (student events aimed at Y11 taking GCSE, selling the virtues of the new A Level)

These events will be held on the 3rd October in Cockermouth, 4th in Gateshead, 5th in Leeds, 6th in Peterborough, 7th in Ipswich, 10th in Truro, 11th in Bruton, 14th in Ashford, 4th November in London and 22nd November in Oxford.  Additional dates tbc. please check the GCSE tab of the website for further details.

  • November 2016

Faith seeking Understanding: Exploring A2 Philosophy of Religion and Ethics (student events focused on A2 topics from legacy specifications with Dr Peter Vardy and Dr Stephen Law, with Dr Claire Carlisle in London only)

These event swill be held in Manchester (14th November) Birmingham (15th), Exeter (17th), Cambridge (22nd) and London (25th).

“Can I say how much my students and I enjoyed the ‘All you need is love…?’ conference on 12.2.16.  A really valuable day and a good venue.”  Dee Fanchi, John Colet School

“As ever, my students found the presentations very interesting and useful and, coming from a small college, it was great for them to have the opportunity to participate in a large debate. I shall look forward to booking again for my new students next academic year!” Anna Davis Tutor, Exeter Tutorial College, Associate Research Fellow, Graduate School of Education, University of Exeter

“Thank you. It was absolutely brilliant. The students were really challenged and they were buzzing on the way back in the bus.” Sue Shute, Newton Abbott College

“Many thanks for another great conference. Really useful not only for exam help, but in really getting the pupils to think through some of the most important issues in life – I wish all our sixth form could have listened to Peter Vardy’s last session on Sexual Ethics!” Debbie Hillman Head of RS, Ewell Castle School

  • December 2016

Explore A Level Philosophy with Dr Peter Vardy, Dr Stephen Law and Dr Claire Carlisle (Thursday 24th November, student event in London for AQA 2015 spec, and aimed at extending and enriching students’ experience)

  • February 2017

Remember: our exclusive full-colour printed notes (with activities) mean there is nothing to copy down on the day – and we send you digital resources as well!

Starting A Level Religious Studies (Student event for Year 12 students starting the New Specification A Level Religious Studies – focused on the common Philosophy of Religion & Ethics topics – with Dr Peter Vardy, Dr David Webster and Dr Bernard Hoose (London & Oxford only).

This event will visit Exeter on 30th January and Bristol on the 31st.  In February it will visit Cambridge on the 2nd, Oxford on the 3rd, Manchester on the 7th and London on the 10th. Additional dates tbc.



Going forward into 2017-18, we plan to run…

  • October 2017

Explore GCSE Religious Studies with Dr Peter Vardy (Student Events aimed at extending and enriching Y11 taking NEW GCSE specs & aimed at selling A level – will focus on Christian perspectives on common themes, but will consider other religious perspectives as well)

Volunteers to host these all-new GCSE events gratefully received – please e-mail info@candleconferences.com

  • November 2017

New Specification A Level Religious Studies student events (focused on Y13 A Level Philosophy of Religion & Ethics topics from 2016 Specs)

  • December 2017

New AQA 2017 Philosophy Specification student events (London & regional hub schools)

Volunteers to become regional hubs for our Philosophy events gratefully received – please e-mail info@candleconferences.com

  • February 2018

New A Level Religious Studies student events (focused on Y12 AS Philosophy of Religion & Ethics topics from 2016 Specifications)

Teacher Events

In addition to our Student Events, Candle offers a wide range of teacher events.  In 2016-17 these are designed to support teaching of the new GCSE and A Level specifications and include…

  • Preparing to teach the new A Level RS (Philosophy of Religion, Ethics & Christianity) intensive residential event, Sussex
  • Preparing to teach Christianity & Buddhism for GCSE one-day events, London / online
  • Preparing to teach Christianity & Islam for A Level one-day events, London / online
  • Saturday Study Day (Aquinas) London, with FREE places for schools booking students on 2016-17 student A Level events


Finally, don’t forget our range of resources which now includes Bible Matters, a well-reviewed book covering many topics on the Christianity & Judaism elements of the A Level specifications.

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