Made to Measure


Construct your own 4 hour event (to be run in your school for unlimited numbers of participants) which might be based on our “menu” of tried and tested sessions and activities… or might be completely one of a kind! Includes resources, lecture-notes or other materials by negotiation, depending on the content of your event. 


£1299 (£1499 if other schools are invited)

Please note that fully interactive sessions demand break-out spaces and additional staffing; requesting these may place effective limits on student numbers, depending on your facilities and the number of supervising teachers you can make available.


These events may include digital resources designed to consolidate and extend learning by arrangement, which will be provided on the day.


e-mail us at to discuss your requirements and to book – or tweet us @puzzlevardy for a more immediate response



(50 minute introductory lectures with “buzz” activities)

  1. Truth Matters!
  2. Education Matters!
  3. Ethics Matters!
  4. God Matters!
  5. Sex Matters!
  6. Money Matters!
  7. Art Matters!

(40-50 minute lectures, each can be served with a “side order” of a 30 minute small-group activity, space and staffing permitting)

  1. Introduction to Critical Thinking
  2. Introduction to Medical Ethics (including reference to Abortion & Euthanasia)
  3. Programming Reality (The Ethics of IVF & Genetic Engineering)
  4. Introduction to Environmental Ethics
  5. What is Faith?
  6. Language, Truth & Logic
  7. Can war ever be just?

(25 minute introduction plus 25-30 minute formal debate on the motion)

  1. “This house believes that nothing can be known that cannot be tested!”
  2. “This house believes that education should only aim to fit young people for the workplace!”
  3. “This house believes that what is right and wrong depends on our culture!”
  4. “This house believes that we have a moral duty to use technology to remove pain and increase pleasure wherever possible!”
  5. “This house believes that faith is anti-intellectual!”
  6. “This house believes that women cannot “have it all”!
  7. “This house believes that greed is good!”

(allow 15 minutes each)

  1. General Q&A session
  2. Revision tips session
  3. Interview tips session
  4. Sixth Form Choices talk
  5. Sixth Form Choices Q&A / discussion
  6. University Choices talk
  7. University Choices Q&A / discussion


“The girls were engaged throughout, despite it being a very hot Saturday morning at the end of term.  Vardy’s pace is fast and furious.  He challenges their existing prejudices and encourages them to build their own view from the ground up.  I loved that every subject got a mention so the students could see the relevance to their interests.  There were too many hands up to take all the comments, and Peter received a warm and extended round of applause at the end, which I think says it all.”

Jess Roberts, Cheltenham Ladies’ College


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Adding value to education

CPD events for teachers at venues across the UK and online, including occasional residentials, plus Bespoke training from whole-staff or departmental INSET to individual coaching.

A day for Gifted and Talented Year 10s, a sixth form enrichment day on financial awareness or a governors’ day on ethos… we can arrange a Bespoke Event which adds value to your curriculum.

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