Made to Measure Philosophy & Ethics events!

Candle Conferences arranges Bespoke Events for schools all over the UK and further afield.  In areas well away from our mainstream English Philosophy and Ethics events, schools have been able to arrange conferences tailored for senior exam students of Philosophy, RS or related subjects.  For example, back in November 2013, Kelvinside Academy organised their own Ethics Matters event, tailored to the Scottish RMPS specification.  They reported…

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 14.53.59“Two inspirational and world renowned speakers visited the school to speak at a conference organised and hosted by Nicola Mathews, RMPS teacher. Dr Peter Vardy and Charlotte Vardy communicated complex ideas to over 300 visiting students and teachers from across Scotland.

The morning program encouraged students to apply different moral theories to situations and explored the ideas of Immanuel Kant, Jeremy Bentham and Plato. Charlotte Vardy then debated the fast moving area of medical ethics.

In the afternoon Peter Vardy examined the world of finance and business ethics. He outlined the history of the current world economic situation before examining employment and national and personal debt. This stimulated dialogue surrounding the decisions taken by governments and commercial institutions in various nations.

The day culminated in students debating the motion “this house believes that we should cut our overseas aid budget”. After
much heated student discussion, the vote was equally split.

It was a challenging and stimulating day for all those senior pupils who had the good fortune to attend.”

Dr Peter Vardy visited Truro in January and will be heading to Cardiff shortly for a day exploring major topics on the WJEC Religious Studies A Level specification, organised by Llandaff Cathedral School.   Peter has just returned from a week in Hong Kong, where he ran his regular Bespoke Event for the English Schools Foundation, as well as several other events.

Contact us if you think that your area would benefit from one of our events in 2014-15.  

We help with planning and publicity and charge a flat fee (no hidden travel expenses or other “extras”) which you can recoup by charging entrance to your own/other students.  Overall, this can be a very cost-effective way of raising the profile of the subject, extending and enriching students’ learning experience and developing a strong local subject network!

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