Lectures at Cheywynde School Manchester

The Lower Sixth Philosophers had a great day in Manchester at the Dr Peter Vardy Lectures. Peter Vardy is one of the most popular and inspirational philosophers in Britain today and this is our eleventh year attending his lectures.

SAMSUNG DIGIMAX A503Dr. Peter Vardy is Vice-Principal at the Heythrop College of Theology which is a part of the University of London and the great appeal of his approach is that he does not ‘dumb down’ either the material or his delivery. This means that our sixteen to eighteen-year-olds get a real feel of what it will be like for them at university.

This year the lectures were on Immanuel Kant and deontological ethics, the relationship between God and morality, the ethics of business and lastly, abortion. The debate about capitalism and business ethics was particularly interesting especially as Dr Vardy explained very clearly exactly why Britain and the rest of the world are in recession at the moment. It was rather unnerving to feel the hall grow very still and silent as the five hundred or so students realised the implications of what he was saying for them and their futures.

There was then a lively debate directed by Dr Vardy but involving the students about whether ‘Greed is Good’. The motion lost 70-30! Three of the lectures related directly to our A level syllabus but the other one – business ethics – was fascinating from the point of view of general knowledge and our understanding of current affairs. It also made us think more carefully about the choices we make when we spend money on luxury items at the expense of helping others.

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