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Great Philosophy and Ethics websites…

Charlotte Vardy writes…

Following a twitter exchange with @iTeachRE and @gerdunne71 this morning, I have been updating my knowledge of useful websites for teaching the Philosophy of Religion and Ethics, whether at GCSE or A Level.  @iTeachRE asked if I would share a list, so here goes (and please do send me recommendations to add to this via the comments) – in no particular order I am afraid….

Philosophy of Religion


For the Christianity content of the new A Level in particular – though there are also things on Philosophy of Religion and Ethics – try http://www.philosopherkings.co.uk/ which has a wealth of resources created by the department at King’s Canterbury to support the old OCR Developments in Christian Thought paper.  Extra resources to support Peter’s Puzzle of Christianity will soon be posted at www.puzzleofchristianity.org as well.

Digital Resources that cost money… although you might try https://www.regrants.org.uk/rs-resources for a grant of up to £600 to buy resources from the Jerusalem Trust.



  1. Gerry Cohen says:

    A most invaluable resource, many thanks.. my pupils (& I) will really appreciate this!

  2. Louise says:

    Great resources list – thank you so much.

  3. Christine says:

    Really looking forward to checking out these suggestions. There is so much available so it’s great to have this focus and guidance. Thank you


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