Explore GCSE Religious Studies 

with Dr Peter Vardy

Autumn 2016 dates:

October 2016: 3rd Cockermouth, 4th Gateshead, 5th Leeds, 6th Peterborough, 7th Ipswich, 10th Truro, 11th  Bruton, 14th Ashford.  

November 2016: 3rd Portsmouth, 4th Central London, 18th Oxford.  

Following the outstanding success of our Explore GCSE RS events in 2014, 2015 and earlier in 2016, this last series of events to support Year 11 in their work for the legacy GCSE RS specifications and prepare them to embark on the reformed A Level courses. 

“Our sincere thanks to Peter for the wonderful conference with Year 11s last Thursday. It was a massive success and the girls were enthralled and greatly inspired by him. He’s made our recruitment for A level RS a whole lot easier!” Head of RS, March 2016

Designed to extend and enrich students’ learning, the content of Explore GCSE Religious Studies with Dr Peter Vardy complements existing GCSE specifications but takes account of the core content of the new A Level.  Pacy lectures on key topics are interleaved with discussions, a debate and plenty of short “buzz” activities.  A specially prepared pack of notes (including suggested activities and extension material) accompanies the events, providing an invaluable resource to support revision.

At larger venues, Dr Peter Vardy is joined by a highly experienced teacher of GCSE Religious Studies who will lead one of the sessions with a focus on exam-technique (suitable for all boards and options), take the other side in the debate and be available to teachers at break-time and/or lunchtime to discuss developments in GCSE and A Level.

An introductory session on how Christians make moral decisions (which includes different sources of authority and approaches to the Bible as well as brief considerations of Natural Law and Situation Ethics) will be followed by short, pacy lectures, discussions, interactive activities and a debate exploring different Christian and at least one other religious perspective on…

Þ War, Poverty, Equality & Justice (including Human Rights)

Þ Human Relationships (including sexual relationships)

Þ Medical Ethics (Abortion, Euthanasia, IVF & Genetic Engineering)

Þ The Environment (including the treatment of animals)

Central Christian beliefs about the nature and existence of God, death and the afterlife, evil & suffering, the sanctity of life and creation are explored through these topics.

Although “Explore GCSE Religious Studies” is about much more than basic exam-coaching, sessions have been designed to relate to topics specified on OCR RSA Unit B589: Perspectives on World Religions and Unit B603: Ethics or OCR RSB Units B603: Ethics 1 and Unit B604: Ethics 2, Edexcel GCSE RS 2RS01/3RSO1 Units 1 – 7 and Unit 8, AQA Religious Studies A (4050) all Ethics units, AQA Religious Studies B (4055) Units One, Two and Three and sessions are also relevant to several WJEC GCSE options.

Booking Information…

  • Student tickets are still just £15 each, including a full-colour printed copy of our exclusive 32pg revision guide for each student and some digital resources to download for teachers.  
  • We offer a small discount to the first 50 students booked by host schools in return for use of their hall and AV equipment; we pay for refreshments.
  • The student ticket price includes FREE accompanying-teacher places (within reason).
  • Students should bring a packed lunch, water bottle and snacks; we provide teachers’ refreshments.
  • Bookings must be made manually by filling in the booking form here…







Get an idea of what the event will be like…

Lord David Alton introduced our Explore GCSE RS event in London on 6th November 2014, speaking to 600 Year 11 students about the importance of studying our subject in preparing for entering Politics or Public Life in our 21st century world.

Are the student notes any use?

Here is a sample of our 32 page full-colour revision guide, which is given to each student as part of the day.  As you can see, it is detailed and contains plenty of activities, both to try in class and for students to attempt at home.

GCSE Notes 1_013

What do other teachers say?

“I have been taking my students to Peter and Charlotte’s courses (both A Level and GCSE) for many years now and continue to find them invaluable.  They are supremely well organised, timed to perfection and invaluable to students.  The courses are stimulating for staff and students alike, packed with pertinent and relevant examination material as well as ideal for stimulating extension thinking and pushing students to consider the wider implications of Ethics and Philosophy.” Catrina, Leicestershire

“What a fantastic day  we have had today and a great start to the final year of GCSE courses for our year 11 students.  Could you please pass on my thanks once again to Peter and Charlotte for their hard work in putting together and leading such a thought provoking and jam packed day so enthusiastically, in these worrying times for the future of RS. The students were certainly  made aware of the importance of RS well beyond the classroom and GCSE’s –and you have left us with plenty to discuss and follow up in class.  We soon begin mock exams and the revision notes will be invaluable in raising their grades-many thanks for these too. I am looking forward to my lessons this week and hearing student feedback –I am sure you have set the scene for some heated debate and discussion!  Many thanks once again –good luck with the rest of the events, see you in Manchester for the AS/A2 Philosophy  and Ethics days in November/March.”  Andrea, organising teacher Carlisle