“Our sincere thanks to Peter for the wonderful conference with Year 11s last Thursday. It was a massive success and the girls were enthralled and greatly inspired by him. He’s made our recruitment for A Level RS a whole lot easier!” Waqar Ahmedi, King’s Norton High School

Creation! is our brand new student event for students studying for AQA, OCR, Edexcel and Eduqas GCSE Religious Studies specifications in 2019.


Exploring core topics in Christianity: Beliefs and Teachings and Themes, our aim is to extend and enthuse your students, supporting recruitment for RS A Level as well as boosting understanding and skills in preparation for GCSE exams.  As appropriate, reference will also be made to Islam and Judaism during the day, helping students to think laterally making connections between topics across the course, so deepening and extending their understanding.


Sessions include:


1. Creation

What is the evidence for God as creator? What qualities would a creator have to have – and are these compatible with religious ideas about God?  How do religious beliefs relate to Science? Should religious believers take Scripture literally?


2. In the image of God

What do religious people believe about the sanctity of human life? How do these beliefs translate into actions? How do believers deal with the tension between preserving human life and upholding its dignity?


3. Stewardship

How should human beings relate to animals, plants and the environment? What do religions teach about stewardship – and have they gone far enough in tackling the present environmental crisis?


4. Making babies

How should human beings make babies? Is marriage really the only appropriate context for sex in the 21st Century? Is the primary purpose of marriage to have children? Should religions change to accommodate contemporary western values?


Far from being exam-cramming or a solid day of lectures with limited relevance to the course, our student events are carefully tailored to the requirements of the GCSE specifications and feature model AO2 answers, a debate and a whole-group discussion, Q&A sessions and plenty of other opportunities to share, discuss and complete short written activities. In particular, during the day, students will apply the knowledge and understanding they have developed to typical GCSE AO2 questions, practicing their skills in…


  • Analysing & engaging with debates
  • Developing a well-structured, effective written argument
  • Making well-supported academic judgments
  • Building logical chains of reasoning
  • Evaluating counter-claims.


Remember, with Candle, every student receives full-colour, printed notes!  Developed exclusively for Candle and providing a wealth of quotations, revision tips, advice on exam technique, model answers and plenty of suggested tasks and activities, our notes ensure that students get maximum value from the day. Teachers get digital downloads as well!

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A huge thank you to Dr Peter Vardy for another inspirational GCSE RS conference today. Also thanks to the visiting schools your students were a credit. Watch out for confirmation of next year’s date! AM, Hampshire


Very impressed with the quality of the speaker, the depth of the ethical points and the response of our pupils.  We were certainly made to think. It seemed to be a very successful event. Congratulations. (Head of English, sitting in on GCSE event)


What a fantastic day  we have had today and a great start to the final year of GCSE courses for our year 11 students.  Could you please pass on my thanks once again to Peter and Charlotte for their hard work in putting together and leading such a thought provoking and jam packed day so enthusiastically, in these worrying times for the future of RS. The students were certainly  made aware of the importance of RS well beyond the classroom and GCSE’s –and you have left us with plenty to discuss and follow up in class.  We soon begin mock exams and the revision notes will be invaluable in raising their grades-many thanks for these too. I am looking forward to my lessons this week and hearing student feedback –I am sure you have set the scene for some heated debate and discussion!  Many thanks once again –good luck with the rest of the events, see you in Manchester for the AS/A2 Philosophy  and Ethics days in November/March. Andrea, organising teacher Carlisle

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