LIVE Event for students of GCSE Religious Studies
    With Dr Peter Vardy


    Dates for 2023-24

    ● London, Thursday 30th November
    ● Coventry, Tuesday 27th February
    ● Manchester, Tuesday 5th March
    ● Somerset, Thursday 14th March


    Building on the success of “Rights and Wrongs” in 2022-23, Candle Conferences presents an all-new LIVE event for students of GCSE Religious Studies.

    “Heaven?” will explore content specified by ALL ENGLISH EXAMINATION BOARDS in relation to the study of Christianity and Ethics, aiming to get students really excited about the subject, enriching and extending their knowledge and understanding as well as supporting them in analysing, evaluating and making informed, well-reasoned academic judgements.

    ● Tickets to the live event come with FREE access to our GCSE Masterclass for the academic year 2022-23 (worth £5 per student) and providing more than 2 hours of expert online tuition designed to improve writing skills and improve grades.

    1. The Concept of God
      The event will begin by exploring the Christian concept of God, considering the various attributes God is believed to have, the extent to which some of these might seem to conflict and the extent to which the Doctrine of the Trinity helps to make sense of God’s nature. This session will conclude with a practical activity, enabling students to apply what they have learned.
    1. The Problem of Evil and Suffering
      After a short break, the second session will consider how God can be both Omnipotent and Omnibenevolent given the extent of evil and suffering in the world. A solution to this problem found in the Book of Job will then be explained and evaluated. This session will conclude with a discussion.
    1. Sin & Salvation
      In the third session we will explore Christian beliefs about sin and salvation in more detail with reference to the ideas of St Paul and St Augustine. Dr Vardy will consider whether all the evil and suffering in the world can really be said to result from sin and whether the salvation God offers ensures that this is the best possible world. This session will conclude with an activity designed to support students in answering mini-essay style questions.
    1. Life After Death & Debate “This house believes that all good people will go to heaven.”
      The final session of the day will move to Christian teachings about Life after Death, asking what the afterlife would have to be like in order to punish sin adequately and make up for unjust suffering in this life. Finally, we will have a debate. Dr Vardy will outline arguments for and against the motion and will guide students in developing their own arguments in writing, which they can then present to the group before a final vote is taken.
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    Student tickets to attend the LIVE “Heaven?” event cost £20

    ● Tickets to the live event come with FREE access to our GCSE Masterclass worth £5 per student.
    ● We offer a 10% discount if you book 10+ tickets together online (e-mail for your ACCESS CODE)
    ● We offer one free teacher-place per 10 students, otherwise accompanying teachers cost £20
    ● Teachers attending alone for CPD purposes cost £100
    ● Trainee teachers and extra adults supporting individual students to access the event attend for free.

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