Event for Scottish Higher RMPS announced!

TOK-ConferenceThere will be a special event at The Kelvinside Academy in Glasgow on Tuesday 5th November 2013! This has been tailored for students studying towards SQA Scottish Higher RMPS, covering topics for two out of three papers, focusing on Science and Religion and then Ethics.  

Topics include…

Science and Religion

The first session will support students preparing for the Christianity, Belief and Science paper by examining the roots of the conflict between science and religion before considering whether conflict might be unnecessary.  The very nature of faith and scientific knowledge will be explored before the current state of the Intelligent Design debate is set out.  Drawing on important chapters in Peter and Charlotte Vardy’s new book “God Matters” (SCM Press, 2013), conference resources for this session will include a video of Professor John Polkinghorne and a clips of Professor Alister McGrath lecturing on Richard Dawkins.

Moral Theories

An essential guide to the similarities and differences between Natural Law, Kantian Ethics and Utilitarianism on the one hand and moral relativism on the other, this session provides a useful overview of decision-making methods and highlights the “big questions” which any normative approach must try to answer.  Resources include a 100+ slide editable PowerPoint on teaching about Ethical Theories.  

Medical Ethics

Charlotte Vardy’s “Life and Death Coursebook” was published in July 2013 and has been described as “an indispensable guide to a fast-moving area of applied ethics“, covering topics such as germline genetic engineering and “IPS” stem-cell therapies as well as abortion, euthanasia and IVF.  This session draws on the previous session on moral theories and on the latest challenges in medical ethics, highlighting the importance of applied ethics and how it is really done today.  

Money Matters!

Dr Peter Vardy is a Chartered Accountant and was chairman of listed companies before he was 30.  In this fascinating session he explores the ethics of money, charting the growth of Capitalism from Adam Smith to the Credit Crunch and the rise of China and asking whether ethics and/or religion has a role to play in the market.  

Global Perspectives: Trade or Aid?

The final session builds on Money Matters to consider how we could and should address poverty and inequality in the world.  Students will be encouraged to share reasoned viewpoints and vote when we debate the motion “This house believes that the UK should cut International Aid payments!

Copies of “God Matters”, “Ethics Matters” or “Life and Death Coursebook” may be purchased with a 50% discount at this event, making each book £5 (plus p&p if ordered).  Class-sets of 12 copies of “God Matters” or “Ethics Matters” will be available to order at the special price of £48 (plus p&p) ONLY when the order-form is signed at this event.  

To book, please contact Nicola Matthews at Kelvinside Academy directly at  33 Kirklee Rd, Glasgow, G12 0SW or telephone 0141 357 3376.  Nicola’s e-mail address is nicola.matthews [at] kelvinsideacademy.org.uk.

If your school is in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland (or a remote place in England) and you would like to host one of our events, either just for your students or for all those studying the subject in your area, please contact us.  This can be a great way of raising the profile of the subject within the school community, which can really pay-off in terms of recruitment and retention of students – and it often raises grades as well!

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