Ethics Matters Competition Announced!

51C4jgmw8NL._Candle Education is pleased to announce a competition for UK students of Ethics aged 18 years or under on 1st March 2014.  


The best academic review of “Ethics Matters” by Dr Peter Vardy and Charlotte Vardy posted on before noon on 1st March 2014 will win a set of signed books and teaching resources worth £80 for your school and a £20 amazon voucher for yourself.  A number of runner-up prizes may also be awarded at the judges’ discretion.  


How do I enter?

To enter you need to read the book, write a review of approximately 4-500 words and post it on the website before the deadline; of course, your review must abide by the terms and conditions detailed on  

So that we know that you wish to be entered for the competition please e-mail a copy of your review, complete with your full name, postal and e-mail addresses, date of birth, school name and address and the signature of a parent, guardian or teacher if you are under 18 to with the subject line “Ethics Matters Competition Entry” to reach us at the latest by 4pm on 1st March 2014.  We reserve the right not to accept entries where these details are incomplete or absent. 

By entering the competition in this way you agree to your review being reproduced by Candle Conferences Ltd. or Candle Education Ltd. in teaching or marketing materials. 

The winners will be notified by e-mail before 4pm on Friday 7th March.  Their names and schools will then be announced at Prizes will be sent out during the following week.  

The judges’ decision is final; no correspondence will be entered into about their decisions. 

So, how do I go about writing an academic book review?

For guidance, an academic book review should be more than just a description of the book; it should show that you have read, understood and engaged with the subject-matter and are capable of making a thoughtful judgment of the authors’ work.  

  • Value judgments that you make should be related to the aims of the book (it is no good saying that it doesn’t make a very good doorstop, that there are no pictures or that you would prefer that it had been about Justin Bieber…).  
  • Judgments should also be backed up with examples or evidence, including short quotations where appropriate.
  • The judges will not reward empty flattery, but will be looking for mature critical engagement, evidence of thought and balance and of wider reading and an appreciation of the context in which the book exists.  In other words, it is fine to disagree with the authors, to compare or contrast their approach with that in other similar books etc.  
  • As “Ethics Matters” is an introductory book it contains descriptive chapters; your review would do well to consider the introduction and conclusion and the overall structure of the book so that you are clear about the authors’ argument.  
  • The accuracy and style of your writing is important, given the nature of the task, and will form part of the judges’ decision making process.  
  • Entries must be written in standard English, appropriate for a mixed and non-specialist audience.
  • Reviews should be reasonably formal and should not contain potentially offensive or irrelevant comments.

Why should I enter?

To give something back to the teachers and departments who have inspired you!  In a time of no budgets, some books and resources could make a real difference – and there could be something in it for you as well!

To practice skills which will be needed at university and beyond.  The ability to read an extended piece of writing, identify arguments, analyse and evaluate them and then make a written judgement is key to many university courses and careers.

As an incentive to read a whole book rather than extracts of one.  This will improve your subject knowledge and understanding in Ethics without a doubt – and might just raise your grades.  Also, you will be expected to read books regularly at University – but how many A Level students get the chance to do it these days and how many teachers make you?  Prepare yourselves and avoid the horrible shock when you get presented with a reading list for the first time!

To stand a chance of winning a competition, something which you could record on a UCAS for or CV.

Potentially, to win a £20 voucher…

Good luck!

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