Thinking Allowed!

London, 16th January 2015

This intensive one-day professional development event for teachers of the Theory of Knowledge for the IB Diploma offers a unique opportunity for inspiration, developing subject knowledge, gaining new ideas for teaching and making professional contacts. Designed to complement the IB’s own workshops, this event provides another way of supporting TOK teachers in beginning or improving their practice.

The speakers will be…

Dr Peter Vardy gave the keynote address to the IB’s International Values conference in Hanoi in 2006 and has been running popular one-day courses for teachers of the Theory of Knowledge in cities such as London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide ever since. The Vice-Principal of Heythrop College, University of London, from 1999-2011 Peter has worked with organisations such as the UNHRC, UNESCO and the HMC. He is an inspirational, charismatic lecturer whose broader vision for education is centred on reflection and meta-thinking.

“We have held TOK conferences for our own students and those from other schools with Peter for the last 3 years. All the teachers in attendance have been increasingly impressed. He has a lot of gravitas and the students found him very engaging as well as funny. He is able to cover a lot of ground in one day but always in an interesting and clear way. The TOK conference is an excellent  and rigorous introduction to the concepts of Theory or Knowledge and epistemology”  Lucy Wood, Tonbridge Grammar School, Candle Bespoke Theory of Knowledge conferences 2012, 2013 and 2014

Charlotte Vardy has been organising and speaking at events for IB teachers around the world since 2007. Secretary to the Oxford Conference in Education 2010, run in association with the IBO, she has authored and co-authored books and teaching resources widely used in TOK classrooms.

Sessions will include…

This short introductory session puts the Theory of Knowledge into context, exploring philosophical perspectives on the nature of truth and knowledge. Essential background for every teacher, this session helps to explain the IB approach to education and what the TOK course hopes to achieve.

This vital session gives teachers the opportunity to consider the new subject guide, how it differs from the old guide and what the differences might suggest in both philosophical and practical terms. Teachers will be encouraged to share their own thoughts and experiences during this session.

Dr Vardy is well-known as an advocate of bringing a range of media into the classroom to stimulate discussion and show students how relevant topics are. This session suggests how teachers might go about using films old and new to bring new life to their TOK lessons.

This short session will explore the nature of faith, how it cannot be simply or singly defined and how different types of faith might relate to reason and to intuition. TOK teachers come from all different academic backgrounds; this will provide insight into how discussions about faith can be approached in the classroom and how misunderstandings can be avoided.

This final session will explore a new approach to delivering all or part of a TOK course, drawing on research into “flipped” learning and the use of philosophical enquiry to make the learning experience both rich and student-centered and to draw out skills in reflection and critical analysis.

Places at this event cost £198 each, with discounts negotiable for bookings of 3 or more places made and paid for by the same school at the same time. The price includes conference materials, a free book, a buffet lunch and refreshments during the day. For further information or to book your places please contact us.