A wonderfully inspiring experience for the old and the new…

The first “Help! I’m down to teach the Philosophy of Religion” concluded on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Sussex as a lot of tired, slightly tanned teachers got very talkative over tea and cake.  We couldn’t make them leave, despite their long journeys home, the call of marking and the fact that they had been stuck on a CPD course for three days…


They were a fabulous group of teachers.  Ranging from a PGCE student who paid for her own place through to a previous chief examiner for AQA Philosophy, they got stuck in, stayed engaged throughout and showed their passion for teaching and for the subject in everything they did and said.  It was great to see them getting on so well – staying up late with a bottle of wine talking shop, getting up early to share a swim in the lake and serving each other at mealtimes.  It reminded me why I love teaching Philosophy of Religion and how much I miss working with teachers every day!

Their anonymous comments on the course speak for themselves…

  • “The course awakens an unknown love for philosophy!”
  • “I truly enjoyed every moment.  I hung onto every word of Peter and Charlotte”
  • “Reminded me of what I loved about Philosophy – made me far more confident about teaching it next year!”
  • “Utterly inspiring!”
  • “A wonderfully inspiring experience for the old and the new.  There was plenty of substance here to keep me thinking for a very long time.  Thank you.”
  • “A fantastic course, thank you! I really feel educated and inspired.  Some highlights: your knowledge blew my mind, the books and slides, fun and stimulating (particularly your amazing work on monist idealism!”
  • “An incredibly useful course.  I feel well equipped to deliver a Philosophy & Ethics course in terms of knowledge, and also very inspired and enthused to do so.”
  • “Just so helpful!”
  • “Just so inspirational!”
  • “Subject knowledge input – so needed, fascinating and inspiring –  thankyou.”
  • “Thankyou – I now feel confident and excited about teaching A Level Philosophy next year”
  • “Great resources!”
  • “Outstanding subject knowledge! Really thought-provoking material and discussion!”
  • “LOADS! The progression of ideas from Friday to Sunday was logical and helped it all make sense.  Lots of good links between topics which reinforced learning / understanding. LOVING the Sunday topics!  Loving the pace and content.  FABULOUS 🙂
  • “I feel so much more confident about my own subject knowledge and teaching it to my students.  Love how approachable both Peter and Charlotte are! Great resources too – I know they will keep me sane next year!”
  • “I can really see the connections.  MIND BLOWN :)”

Peter and I are just so pleased that the course proved to be such a success and are really looking forward to the next one (October 17th-19th 2014)  The prospect of spending my birthday doing CPD is genuinely a really good one now!

Some other feedback comments included…

  • “Thanks so much for a fantastic weekend; it has been an intellectual roller-coaster! I am really looking forward to now putting into practice the insights you and Peter have shared with us.” Leanne

  • “Thanks for a useful and fun weekend :)” Marissa

  • “Thank you for the fantastic weekend. You are a very inspiring couple, each of you in your unique ways. The knowledge you both have plus Peter’s energy and passion, and your calmness and ability to communicate ideas so clearly, made the hours go very quick and the lectures feel very short. It was undoubtedly very memorable. I am also very grateful for your wonderful hospitality. I should be reading all of your notes and books this summer. It will be perfect for my active mind.” Orlando

  • “Thanks for a really useful course, in such pleasant company!” Kathryn

  • “Thank you and Peter for a brilliant weekend that was also fun!” Susan

  • “Thank you very much for arranging such a fabulous weekend. Your subject knowledge and enthusiasm shone through in every lecture. I realise that we only scratched the surface; I now feel inspired to look up the original sources, develop my subject knowledge and formulate my own opinions… I am also delighted with the lecture notes, books and CDs that came with the course.  I spent much of Sunday night reviewing my notes and saving the information on CDs to my cloud; it will take me weeks to go through everything in detail. The weekend really was a triumph, thank you. Dear delegates… Thank you for making the weekend such an enjoyable and stimulating place. I really enjoyed the time we spent chatting, discussing philosophy and religion and swimming in the lake.” Max

  • “Thank you again for such a wonderful weekend: I’m still buzzing with enthusiasm. I am busy sharing resources with my colleagues and establishing collaboration with other participants from the weekend.  My department is keen to send someone to the movies in RS course next year…” Karin

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