“A must for all A Level Philosophy of Religion teachers”

Our second “Help! I’m down to teach the Philosophy of Religion” weekend was an outstanding success.  Again, places filled up quickly with a real range of teachers, from NQTs hoping to build professional skills for the future through to very experienced teachers looking to extend their range and top up subject knowledge.  Covering all topics in the Philosophy of Religion from the arguments for God’s existence through the challenges of science and evil to Religious experiences, miracles and beliefs about life after death, the weekend anchored around considerations of the nature of faith and knowledge.

Feedback comments…

  • “I think the course is unique. The course was supportive, yet challenging. If I had an NQT working in my department I would strongly advise that they attend. I’m really looking forward to the ethics weekend you’re planning for the next academic year.”
  • “I wish this had been available in my first year of teaching A Level – it is a must for all A Level PR teachers”
  • “Amazing: What a whistle-stop tour through Philosophy.  Engaging and highly passionate delivery!”
  • “Great weekend! Learnt a lot.  I liked how Charlotte related the content to how it can be effectively delivered in class.  Peter gave me inspiration on how to convey passion for the study of Philosophy! I hope the Ethics course will be delivered soon”
  • “I had a really good weekend. I learned lots and was engaged throughout – considering my Friday nights is usually TV and relaxing I was quite surprised at this! It really has given me more confidence in teaching the AS course this year as I have a more sound understanding of the content now. Your resources are brilliant! I have also got the contact details of the others, a few of whom are quite local to me, so we have now started sharing resources and ideas, which is very beneficial.  I have also been looking at organizing a trip to one of your conferences with the students, so hopefully we will be seeing you again shortly.”
  • “Fast paced, informative and challenging”
  • “Really great, thank you.  I really like how interactive it has been!”
  • “Incredibly helpful THANKS.  Quick pace made it feel a really worthwhile use of time.  Friendly.  Open.  No “put down”.  Appreciated”
  • “FUN – it’s a degree top-up”
  • “Thank you for very much for these resources and a fabulous weekend. There is a lot to absorb; school-life has taken over again but I’m hoping to use half term to go through the materials and let it sink in properly. You are both very inspirational.”
  • “Great speakers!”
  • “Loved it! Really helped me identify the depth to teach in”
  • “I have lots to think about and my confidence has grown in my abilities as a philosopher and a teacher of philosophy and RS”
  • “Thank you for being such lovely hosts: everyone (Vardys, Sally Ann) have been so welcoming and helpful”
  • “Please repeat! Would definitely come again even if school doesn’t pay for it.”
  • “Reinforced my love of the subject: want to do my Masters or another BA if I could”
  • “You are both very approachable in terms of us asking questions and clarifying issues”
  • “I liked the pace! It was exciting and I can think about it all later.  I am grateful for the range of topics and supporting resources which will allow us to go over topics in our own time”
  • “Location is great and has everything you could need… thankyou for all the food, snacks and nibbles PS the food here is SO MUCH nicer than at school”

The next Philosophy of Religion weekend is due to run in June 2015 (dates tbc.) and we hope to launch our Ethics weekend for the academic year 2015-16.   Contact us to register your interest so we can let you have details as soon as they become available.  Courses have sold out in days thus far.


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