Female Philosophers of the Future

A report on “God Matters” with Peter and Charlotte Vardy in London, Spring Term 2014, by Gabby Kenny 12J and Jadwiga Slomka 12D, students at Watford Girls’ Grammar School…

Watford Girls Grammar 2013

A group of year 12 Religious Studies AS girls ventured to Bloomsbury in London on the 18th November to attend a Philosophy of Religion Conference to be taken by Peter and Charlotte Vardy.  Excitement filled the room as we waited with the other RS A Level students for the lectures to begin.  
Dr Peter Vardy (philosopher, theologian and author from Heythrop College, University of London) spoke about Miracles, the topic we were studying at the time. This meant that we were particularly engaged in this lecture, having formed our own opinions and our thinking about the philosophical issues involved. Other sessions included the Design Argument, the Problem of Evil and Suffering, and God and the New Physics. The lectures gave us a fresh perspective on these topics and a taster of university-style lectures. We enjoyed experiencing lecture-style activities as they allowed us to understand our topics at a greater, more in-depth level. 

Like the other students who attended the conference, we were each given a newly published book, hot off the press, entitled ‘God Matters’, written by Peter and Charlotte Vardy, about the association of God with the existence of the universe.  This book helped with our reading around our subject, enabling the arguments in our Philosophy of Religion essays to have more depth. 

The day was hard work as well as enjoyable and, at the end, there was a heated debate about philosophical evidence.  We were all keen to get involved and were grateful to be able to take part in the debate: we heard the opinions of 600 teenagers from around London, all of whom are studying AS Religious Studies, Philosophy of Religion. The trip was an intense taster of university life, helpful when making our choices for UCAS in the autumn. It was a unique opportunity to hear such internationally respected academics and especially Charlotte Vardy who is a real role model for female philosophers of the future! 

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